new Styles


... # black guy's # survival systems in # europe ...
#1: although lengthy beards are admired immediately, they will earn you greater suspicious stares than the admiring winks you was hoping for... so chop them off maza maza, brief, immediate!
#2: if you end up status and even sitting between an enormous crowd and any one shouts "bomb!", they don't seem to be appreciating your "intercourse bomb" features...,so biko, please Do not carry out your comb to decorate your Afro!, and, if you happen to see worker's walking like mad bulls, Do not run like them, chances are high that, in a bomb and defense-scared europe, you can be gunned down (jungle justice sort...) as a "suspect terrorist", go sideways, discover a column of a construction, placed your palms at the back of your head and stay up for the wahala to die down. then seek the closest olopa (policeman) and give an explanation for in uncomplicated phrases like "oga, i swear, dis aspect wey de coach for my trouser no be amu-country and do not you ever pronounce the note "intercourse bomb! be endured... evening